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    News & Views

    Christmas Deliveries from n+one 2016

    "So this is Christmas" as the song says, and it seems to have come around incredibly quickly this year! As always, it's a busy time and our team and delivery people are literately run off their feet so, if you're looking for Cycling T-Shirts for Him (or for Her) as Christmas presents, get your order in as soon as possible!

    For UK deliveries that means purchase before 11am on Monday 12th December to get your order before Xmas

    Enjoy your Christmas and New Year holidays!

    So this is why our T-Shirts don't smell...

    As someone who has suffered more than his fair share of sweatyness and, dare I say it, niffyness after even moderate exercise, I was interested to read an article produced by the BBC's Trust Me, I'm A Doctor team entitled: Why does my exercise clothing smell?

    A study into the smelliness of different fabrics after exercise concluded that a synthetic fibre such as polyester becomes much smellier than natural fibres like cotton or wool. This is indeed good news for n+one as all our cycling T-shirts are made from 100% combed cotton!

    According to the one researcher from the University of Alberta in Canada, synthetic fabrics may be more pungent when exposed to sweat because they don't absorb as much of it as cotton does; synthetic materials are better than cotton at wicking-away moisture. However this characteristic means that while the moisture is expelled, the oils from our sweat cling to the fabric surface and they are a feast for odour-producing bacteria. Cotton clothing rather helpfully traps the moisture/oils/bacteria inside the fibres which prevents them from reaching our noses (and those of our exercise buddies) quite so easily.

    The message is clear: next time you head to the gym, make a stand against stinky bacteria and wear your n+one T. 

    n+one launches Women's Collection of Designer Cycling T-Shirts

    The wait is over and our Women's Collection of Designer Cycling T-Shirts is now on our online shop!

    They're Fair Wear, 100% cotton and the same great quality as our Cycling T-Shirts for Men but a little lighter in weight and with a slightly lower neckline and more tapered shape.

    They are also available in a range of delicious summer colours including Raspberry and Cranberry as well as the less delicious, but equally stunning, Coral, and with design and colour combinations that are sure to delight you and raise envious looks from others!

    Find out which is your favourite now or take a look at our top-selling designs below.

    Education is Important

    This never fails to raise a second look and a smile. Simple, to the point, and delightfully tongue-in-cheek!

    Colour shown is Cranberry.

    Colours available: Raspberry; Light Green; Faded Denim; Purple; Cranberry; Coral; Black

    Age & Treachery

    Attributed to the great Italian cyclist, Fausto Coppi, these words have become the battle cry of [slightly more mature] riders throughout the land!

    Colour shown is Purple.

    Colours available: Faded Denim; Purple; Black; White

    Pause My Strava

    If you are a devotee of this ubiquitous cycling app then you know that nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than your Strava stats!

    Colour shown is Raspberry.

    Colours available: Raspberry; Light Green; Purple; Cranberry; Coral; Black; White

    I Ride to Stop the Voices

    If you’re wondering who said that, then it’s time you went for another ride...

    Colour shown is Coral.

    Colours available: Raspberry; Light Green; Faded Denim; Purple; Cranberry; Coral; Black; White


    You ride fast; you ride hard; you ride clean. You don't need performance enhancing drugs to help you snatch top-slot on a Strava leaderboard! 

    Oh, and the high you get from cycling...well, this T-Shirt says it all!

    Colour shown is Faded Denim.

    Colours available: Raspberry; Faded Denim; Purple; Cranberry; Coral; Black

    Official Bike Beans Cycle Café T-Shirts Launched

    We recently supported Wheelsuckers.cc, the social network for road cyclists, in a poll to find out which is the favourite cycling café in the UK as nominated and voted for by Wheelsuckers' members and the broader cycling community.

    After 1,700+ votes were cast across the 41 cafés nominated for inclusion, the unanimous winner by some margin was Bike Beans Cycle Café in Ashtead, Surrey.

    To celebrate their glorious win, we've created the Official Bike Beans Cycle Café T-Shirt in association with Bike Beans Cycle Café and Wheelsuckers.cc that will allow their fans to display the café's achievement with pride!

    Commenting on this award, Jamie Chisholm, founder & owner of Bike Beans Cycle Café said: "We’ve made huge efforts over the past 4-years to create an informal social-hub for cyclists that brings together the best of cycling and café culture - the Wheelsuckers.cc award proves we’re on the right track!"

    The official Bike Beans Cycle Café T-Shirts are available for men and for women in a wide range of sizes and colours

    Part of the proceeds of every sale of this celebratory T-Shirt goes towards helping the development of the British Cycling affiliated Club Bike Beans.