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    Fancy a FREE n+one Cycling T-Shirt?

    Well, it's Monday and the weather is miserable (at least in Oxford) so to lift our collective spirits a little, we thought let’s have a competition...

    If you'd like a chance to win one of our super, designer Cycling T-Shirts (of your choice) worth £22.95, all you have to do is Follow Us on Twitter and then Retweet the competition tweet. Simple!

    Follow and RT before 12:3 pm BST on Friday 9th June and you could be lucky enough to be wearing one of our lovely designs on your chest.

    Good luck!

    Competition Terms & Conditions

    • The FOLLOW and RT competition on Twitter starts at 12:30 pm BST on Tuesday 6th June 2017 and ends at 12:30 pm on Friday 9th June 2017
    • To be eligible for this competition, all you have to do is FOLLOW @nplusone_ AND RETWEET the competition tweet from your Twitter account before the competition ends
    • One winner will be determined by a random draw of all entries (subject to the stated eligibility above)
    • The winner will be announced on Friday 9th June 2017
    • The winner of the completion will receive one free n+one T-shirt with a design and colour of their choosing. No cash equivalent will be offered as a prize. n+one will pay for the cost of delivery to the prize winner.
    • This competition is void in countries where such competitions are prohibited (our lawyers made us put that in…)

    Join the n+one affiliate marketing program and earn commission!

    If you have a cycling related website or blog, or you write online about fashion, clothing, sport or leisure activities, you're going to like this...

    From today, you can sign-up to our affiliate marketing programme and start earning commission on sales of our cycling-themed T-shirts from the visitors you send to us from your website, blog or social activity. All you need to do is sign-up here - it's free to join - and, if accepted, you'll be earning in no time!

    See our FAQs below for more details or if you have any other questions, email us and let us know. 




    n+one Affiliate Program - FAQs

    Why should I join?
    Because you could earn income from your website, blog and/or social activity! When you refer a visitor to n+one and they purchase a product, you’ll receive a 5% commission based on the price of the product. In fact, you’ll get commission on every n+one sale that originates from visitors you send our way. So for a typical n+one T-shirt purchased at a RRP of £22.95, you’ll receive £1.15 in commission for each T-shirt you help us sell.

    How do I send visitors to n+one?
    Simple. Just place affiliate links pointing to n+one on any websites or blog pages that you have. These affiliate links have special codes that are unique to you as an n+one affiliate. You can add the affiliate links to text or to images.

    Can I share my affiliate link in emails and on my social feeds?
    Absolutely! They will work in exactly the same way. Also if your social followers share your unique link, you’ll get commission on any n+one sales that originate from clicks on shares those too!

    What if any visitors I refer to n+one don’t buy straight away?
    We track sales for up to 30-days after their first visit so you’ll still receive commission so long as they purchase within 30-days.

    How can I see how can I see how much commission I’m earning?
    You’ll have your own login to the affiliate platform we use so you can see how much commission you have earned in any period.

    How will I get paid and how often?
    We will pay any commission you have earned in GBP on the 1st working day of each month. We are only able to pay this commission to your nominated PayPal account and exchange rates will apply when paying into non-UK PayPal accounts.

    Will I automatically get accepted onto the n+one affiliate programme?
    No. Your application will be reviewed and only accepted if we think your website and/or social is a good fit for n+one. If you have a cycling related website or blog, or you write about fashion, clothing, sport or leisure activities, you will likely be a good fit for our brand.

    My audience is not based in the UK. Is that an issue?
    Not at all. We have customers world-wide.

    How do I apply to join the n+one affiliate programme?
    Just head over to the online application form. It’ll take 5-mins for you to complete it. You’ll hear back from us within 2-working days from your submission.

    Will you provide any image banners for me to use?
    Yes, you will find these in the resource centre within your affiliate account. 

    Can I get a T-shirt if I want to write an online review?
    Please contact us to discuss this once you've been accepted onto the programme.

    I've never done affiliate marketing before. Any help provided?
    Yes, we can provide you with a "Get Started" guide that shows you how best to use the n+one affiliate links and adverts that are available to you.

    Vous êtes des Assassins! 1910 edition of the Tour de France

    The Assassins! T-Shirt in our Tour de France collection celebrates one of the most famous and defining moments of the early years of the Tour.

    "Vous êtes des assassins! Oui, des assassins!" ('You are murderers! Yes, murderers!) were the infamous words spat at Tour de France officials by the French rider, Octave Lapize, as he crested the Col d’Aubisque during Stage 10 of the 1910 edition of the Tour de France.

    The 1910 edition of the race pitted the defending champion, François Faber from Luxembourg, against the French hopeful, Octave Lapize and was the first time that the organiser included the Pyrenees in the parcours.

    This was a time when the routes into the upper reaches of the Pyrenees were little more than goat tracks - rough roads that rose steeply over mountain passes now synonymous with cycling. The announcement at the beginning of the year that the riders competing in the Tour would be subjected to two demanding days in the Pyrenees led to many riders withdrawing from the race and many commentators questioning the decision to include such brutal climbs. 

    Even the founder of the Tour, Henri Desgrange, had questioned the wisdom of including the Pyrenean climbs in the race, but one of his deputies, Alphonse Steinès, who was responsible for designing the route, was instrumental in persuading the Tour Director to reconsider. Following a reconnaissance of the route, Steinès telegrammed Desgrange back in Paris: "Crossed Tourmalet… Stop Very Good Road… Stop Perfectly Passable… Stop."

    In 1910, the riders standing in the general classification was not decided by their cumulative times on the respective stages, but by points awarded on the basis of their finishing position for each stage. How long it took them to complete the stage was irrelevant - finishing position was everything and by the end of Stage Two, Faber had taken the overall lead, but as the race entered the Pyrenees it was Lapize who seized the initiative, winning the first of the two high mountain stages. 

    Two days later the riders faced the daunting Stage 10 - a staggering 326km (203 mile) stage from Luchon to Bayonne, during which the riders would have to ascend 5200 metres over the now iconic climbs of the Col du Peyresourde, the Col d'Aspin, the Col du Tourmalet, the Col du Soulor and the Col d'Aubisque.

    The riders left Luchon at 3.30 in the morning. Lapize, armed with 12 pork chops crammed in his handlebar case, heading off into the darkness, riding aggressively over the first three major climbs. By the time he had reached the Tourmalet he was well ahead of Faber, with only Garrigou and the Frenchman, François Lafourcade, for company. 

    Octave Lapize on the Tourmalet - 1910 edition of the Tour de France

    The ascent of the Tourmalet took its toll on many of the riders, including Lapize, who like several riders had been reduced to pushing his bike up the steep inclines. On the Col d'Aubisque the young Frenchman began to falter, again dismounting in order to negotiate the rough mountain track. 

    As he passed the race officials who had gathered at the top of the pass, a traumatised Lapize shouted out the words, "Vous etes des assassins! Oui, des assassins!"

    He threatened to quit the race in the next town, but fuelled by anger and resentment, Lapize threw himself down the descent of the Aubisque, catching the one rider who remained in front of him, Frenchman François Lafourcade, and going onto win the stage in Bayonne

    Faber finished third and retained the overall lead, but in the subsequent run in to Paris, Lapize continued to chip away the point difference, eventually taking over the lead at the end of Stage 13. Faber did his best to close the gap, but Lapize secured the necessary points on the final stage, which brought him both the title and national hero status. 

    Despite the “Assassins!” accusation hurled at the Tour organisers the heroics of all the riders on the Tourmalet and the ding-dong battle between Lapize and Faber convinced Desgrange that the drama and excitement that had unfolded in the Pyrenees warranted their inclusion in all future editions of the race. The legendary, iconic status of the Tourmalet and her neighbouring peaks was born. 

    Our ‘Assassins!’ t-shirt references the famous words of Lapize and is combined with a newspaper advertisement promoting Stage 10 (10e Étape) of the 1910 edition of the race. 

    The T-shirt costs £19.95 and is available in a wide range of sizes, from Small to XXLarge and colours including Denim Blue, Stereo Red, Brown, White, Forest Green, Charcoal Grey and Purple. 

    Special edition Giro d’Italia 'Spaghetti' T-Shirt from n+one

    To celebrate the Giro d’Italia starting in Sardinia on 5th May, we've have a Special Edition Giro d’Italia T-shirt which combines everything we love about Italian cycling with that world famous culinary staple that heralds from the home of Fausto Coppi and Mario Cipollini: Spaghetti!

    Commissioned from award-winning graphic designer, Martin Ashford, the entwined lines of pasta spell out words and phrases synonymous with Italian Cycling. From Il Campionissimo to Campagnolo, Zoncolon to Moser,  the design is a rich ragù of some of Italian cycling’s most famous names, with a side-salad of Italian cycling terms and parlance.  

    Available in a range of T-shirt colours, it’s a delicious feast on the eye and one that will have your cycling friends salivating with envy. Be quick though, this Special Giro design will only be available for the duration of the 2017 Edition of the race which ends in Milan on the 28th May.

    Two Great Giro d’Italia books for 2017

    Giro d’Italia books for 2017Gino Bartali (right) keeps a watchful eye on Fausto Coppi

    Age and Treachery will overcome Youth and Skill”. The infamous Fausto Coppi quote, emblazoned across the front of one of our best-selling t-shirts, is one that strikes a chord with a fair number of cyclists out there, especially those who have perhaps given up hope of receiving a call-up from Team Sky!

    Yet when it comes to the Giro d’Italia, Coppi’s remark has special resonance and in celebration of the 100th edition of the race, which begins on the island of Sardinia on May 5th, two books chart the fascinating history of what many claim to be the best of the three Grand Tours.

    Corsa Rosa | Giro d'Italia

    The tales of skulduggery and controversy, coupled with the fierce rivalries blended with Italian swagger and style, never fail to entertain! Italian cycling has always been a tacit acceptance of the fact that some riders will do anything – absolutely anything - in order to secure a place on the podium!

    In Corsa Rosa, author Brendan Gallagher has provided a sweeping history from the inaugural event in 1909, right through to the present day. It’s a warts and all account, detailing the lengths that many of the main protagonists would go to in order to seal victory, or at the very least, ensure their rivals didn’t take the spoils!

    Somewhat plodding recounts of how races unfolded are punctuated by some great stories: Gino Bartali’s obsessive stalking of Fausto Coppi, for example, which he hoped would confirm his suspicions that his younger rival was routinely doping. The book even delves into the accusations that Nibali’s victory in 2016 was a little too miraculous.

    Likewise, Colin O’Brien, in Giro d’Italia: The Story of the World’s Most Beautiful Bike Race presents a complete overview of the race from the early 1900’s to the present day. It’s an enjoyable read and O’Brien deftly weaves background information on the most gifted protagonists as he recounts how some of the most notable Giro’s unfolded.

    Entertaining it may be, but we shouldn’t dwell for too long on the often cynical, uncompromising character so rife in Italian cycling, but remind ourselves that Italy, as illustrated in our Giro Spaghetti t-shirt, has provided cyclists the world over with a lexicon of cycling parlance, famous marques and unforgettable heroes. We can be sure of one thing - the Giro and all that it represents, will continue to enthrall long after the crowds disperse after the finish in Milan on Sunday 28th May.

    Corsa Rosa: A History of the Giro d’Italia
    by Brendan Gallagher
    Published by Bloomsbury Sport in paperback. RRP: £12.99

    Giro d’Italia: The Story of the World’s Most Beautiful Bike Race
    by Colin O’Brien
    Published by Pursuit (27 April) in hardback. RRP: £20